Best Plants for Indoor Spaces

 When you've got a green thumb – or you want to have a green thumb – but you're limited to using inside spaces only to explore this gardener side of yourself, you may think that you are going to have a few options.  The reality is, modern planting options understand that more and more apartment and condo dwellers are looking to get some greenery going. So, you'll find the best plants for indoor spaces, no matter what the motivation is for starting a garden in your place of choice.  Let's take a look.

  • Cacti and Succulents: A popular one for those who are looking to grow their green thumb with plants that are notoriously  resilient, cacti and succulents are great additives to homes that are looking to dress up their space.  You can get some that bud, or you can go with your prickly cactus.  You can also look at velvet soft leaves of succulents.  Not sure?  Grab a few of each and put them in a large pot together.  That way you can keep an eye on all of your plants at once and focus on making sure that they make the presence you want.  Great for kids when they are looking to “grow plants”, these are slow-growing and hard to kill.
  • Snake Plant: This plant is distinct in its curved leaves with touches of yellow  and upwards growth.  This plant is still on the “easy” side if you're looking for something traditional and non-prickly to give you a start.  This should be put in an elevated planter, however, to make sure that you can show off the unique shape of the leaves.  Adds great presence – with its need for indirect light – to a space that needs some sparkle.
  • Aloe Plant: Well-known for its healing power, an aloe plant is a great easy-to-care-for plant to grow indoors.  Other than being grown in a tall plant to keep the leaves off the table, the plant is going to extend and branch off as it needs to to give that distinct wild style that it is known for.
  • Spider Plant: For the plant that is never going to stop growing, a spider plant is certainly an option.  Best grown in a hanging plant, the distinct curling leaves will extend down over the sides and branch off into all sorts of new roots and growths, allowing you to grow this until you decide to clip it short again.
  • Asparagus Fern: For a full, green look when you are growing something for presence, you can never go wrong with an asparagus fern.  This dainty but full-body plant does will in a hanging pot and will give that splash of color and life to your indoor space, no matter where you put it.

Growing plants indoors is certainly not impossible.  In fact, it isn't even hard.  You just need to find the right ones that are going to make your effort worth the while in the long term.

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