15 Gift Ideas for Your Squad

Whether it's your family, BFFs, bridesmaids or team, here are 15 sweet and  affordable gifts from Darling Desert guaranteed to make your squad feel the love. 
For the elephant enthusiasts:
Because everyone knows that elephants make the world a better place. Elephant Ceramic Planter, $14.75 each. Available in three colors. 
For the lights of your life:
A posh set of 6 candles, complete with gift packaging. Cactus Tealight Candles, $11.94. Available in three different cacti, or a mix of all three.
For the cold brew/hot tea aficionados:
Who new cacti could be so cozy? Ceramic Cactus Mug, $36.22. Available in green or white.
For the Dog Lovers:
Perfect for friends living the Pug life. Sleepy Dog Planter, from $8.84 to $12.26 each. Available in 8 different breeds.
For the Cat Ladies:
Pam-purrrr your besties with super sweet Ceramic Kitty Planters, from $19.95 to $23.99. Available in two sizes, spotted or striped pattern.
For the BFFS:
Delicate cacti to bring a touch of bling to your sharp style. Cactus Charm Necklace, $9.99 each. Available in three finishes.
For the Colorful:
A color blocked Dipped Planter Set for just the right amount of flair, $36.99 For 6. 
For Your Salty Friends:
Find inner zen with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Candle Holders, $20.99 for cylinder, $29.99 for sphere.
For the Free Spirited:
Coordinate without twinning too much. Fringe Tassel Necklaces, $5.98 each. Check out our matching earrings here.
For the Day Drinkers:
Cactus Tumbler with reusable straw, available in clear or green, $14.99 each.
For the Environmentally Conscious:
The planet will thank you. Cactus Canvas Tote, $12.95 each. Available in 3 rosy variations.
For the Fab Four:
Dream Girls, Blue Boys, or Endearing Animals planters, $44.74 for a set of 4. Sets also available in Cozy Ladies and Nutcrackers, because friends come in all shapes and sizes.  
For the Modern and Sophisticated:
Say hello to Cora, Kayla, Bess and Ava. The sweet and Scandinavian Serenity Vase, $26.99 each.
For the Tidiest:
Ceramic Dish, $13.99 each. Choose from cactus, aloe, crown, flamingo, or hamsa.
For the Beach Bums:
Show up and show off. Mandala Tapestry, $18.99. Available in 7 vibrant options.
Now get out there and appreciate your entourage, honor your homies, and surprise your sisters. 
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